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1. Selecting Your Mill Size

36" and 48" mills:

These have adjustable rails to accommodate  a slab width of 14 inch to 47 inches.  This allows you to use a small bar to start and grow into larger slabbing capabilities later.

72" Mill: 

The custom built 72" mills are designed to accommodate 50", 60" and 72" chainsaw bars without having to move any hardware on the mill.  This mill comes standard with an Aux oiler and winch kit. 

Note: Your maximum slab width will be limited by your chainsaw bar length. Typically you can slab a width of 6 inches less than the bar length.


 Example: a 36 inch bar can slab a 30 inch wide slab. 

2. Chainsaw Sizing

The following are our recommendations for chainsaw size, bar combinations. We recommend a winch kit on any mill slabbing over 20 inch slabs.  Chainsaw milling is hard work and our winch kits make milling fun and easy!

60cc chainsaws:

Can handle up to 28 inch bar with an auxiliary oiler and winch kit. 

70CC Chainsaws:

26 to 32 chainsaw bar- with aux oiler and winch kit.  You can run a 36" bar with an aux oiler if you are milling less than 26 inch wide slabs. 

90cc Chainsaws:

32 to 36 inch bar-

No aux oiler but winch kit recommended

36 to 50 inch bar-

Aux oiler and winch kit required.

50+ inch bar-

Not recommended unless the saw is ported with hyper-skip chain and aux oiler winch kit combination. 

Double Power Head Combinations: 

Please contact us for specific information on double power head setups. Recommended for the avid miller.