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Professional Lightweight Chainsaw Bars.


The Sugihara lightweight guide bar fulfills everywood cutters dream of owning a bar that is strongand durable enough to work as hard as they doand as long as they do. Always making every cutsmooth and quick with little maintenance over a long life

Why is the Sugihara better than other bars?

Extremely hard and polished steel

Rails that don't wear out (read the testimonial)

Light weight for balance at the tip

No rail cracking or chipping

Extreme bar resiliency (read testimonial)

No steel blemished for even heat distribution


All Sugihara bars are light weight. When you are flipping a bar,you will feel a difference. The lighter weight longer bars have betternose balance and you will feel the difference at the end of each day.


Husqvarna 20" .050 .325 78DL-VH2U-0J50HV


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