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  • 50" Husqvarna mount .063 3/8 bar. 156DL.
  • This bar is the perfect bar to maximize a 48" mill. Guide to guide cutting width is 44" with this bar.  


The best chainsaw bars in the world for demanding professionals and series hobbyists.


Please use the Cannon Bar Finder tool to select a bar or contact us to get the appropriate model number.


From the raw steel, each bar is precisely WATER JET CUT, so that there are no Heat Affected Zones (HAZ). Once the steel is cut, it is HEAT TREATED, oil quenched and press tempered to achieve just the right hardness for strength, durability, toughness and flexibility. The hardened bars are carefully STRAIGHTENED and SURFACE GROUND to the ideal thickness. Next, surface ground bars are CNC MILLED, leaving little margin for error. Different milling patterns are cut, depending on the style of tip that the bar is fitted with. Once a bar is milled, it is put into the hands of our MASTER BARMEN, who give it Cannon’s claim to fame, the PRECISION HONED GROOVE. Every bar has a true and centered groove that is accurate to within .003” of the desired gauge. It is this care, attention and skilled workmanship that really makes our bars stand out against the competition. Next is the rail hardening. Using a proprietary FLAME HARDENING PROCESS, the bar rails are hardened to 5 points more than the tie straps on most models and brands of chain. This special hardening process penetrates much deeper than electric induction hardening and results in much longer bar rail life. Longer bars are then HEEL PRESSED in order to reduce vibration and prevent premature cracking from vibration. The bars are put through a STRESS RELIEVING SYSTEM in order to expel tension that builds up in the bars through all of the different processes. This step realigns the molecular structure to ensure that the bars will not be stressed and prone to premature cracking. Finally the bars are ready for the finishing touches. Cannon applies the attractive brushed GUNMETAL FINISH to most of the bars. Some longer lengths and specialty bars still have Cannon’s classic matte black painted finish. The bars are engraved with our identifying numbers and silk screened with our logo. They are now ready to be tipped, put through our FINAL QUALITY ASSURANCE TESTS, packaged and shipped to the customer.

CSB-H1-50-63-3- Husqvarna 50" 3/8 .063

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