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Our winch kit features our winch bracket and black anodized winch kit complete ready to bolt onto your chainsaw mill without any special tools or hardware.


Our winch kit brackets are 100% Made in the USA

  • Our which features anti backlash cogs and free spool modes. 
  • 46ft of line is pre-wrapped onto the winch which allows for slabbing 20ft logs. 
  • Include zinc coated screw dog, link, and cam pulley to install at a fixed point in front of your milling log or onto the log which is being milled. 
  • Our winch bracket is 100% made in the USA and allows for easy bolt-on installation into many chainsaw mills. Comes complete with all the hardware required for installation. 


  • This package makes milling a dream! Check out our video above which shows how much faster, smoother and safer a winch kit makes milling! 


N.E.P Winch Kit System


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