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With the new HakkiMultiBlade™ you can split up to 24 pieces and then easily change to 8 pieces in only seconds. The automatic hydraulic height adjustment of the splitting blade ensures consistent high-quality firewood even when the diameter of the logs varies. The system has an innovative sensor that measures the diameter of each log and adjusts the splitting blade height accordingly to get optimal results. The 55 Pro has a modern data monitoring system with easy-to-use monitor screen. The monitoring system is collecting important data from machine’s productivity and processes. You get a real-time

information about processed volumetric measurements, hours of operation, splitting method and safety covers. The productivity level of 55 Pro is unbeatable with the delay-free HakkiSplit™ splitting system with half-stroke function for making short firewood faster. You can choose the splitting to return after full, half or one-third of the stroke. The log landing plates ensure that even the shortest cut logs land neatly into the splitting groove. The standard equipment’s also include HakkiCut™ sawing interface, AC10 automatic chain tensioner and electric automatic chain oil lubrication.

Available in PTO and stand alone models. Stand alone feature 32hp V twin gas kohler or briggs and stratton engines. 

Hakki Pilke Pro 55 - Firewood Factory

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