Our 36" chainsaw mill allows our customers to adjust for various chainsaw bar sizes.  This mill is adjustable to accommodate chainsaw bars ranging from 16" to 42" in length.  


The maximum slab width with a chainsaw bar is typically 6" less than the bar length.  For example, you can slab a 30" wide slab with a 36" chainsaw bar. 


The use of a winch kit and AUX oiler is recommended for all applications.  The winch kit allows the user to effortlessly feed the mill smoothly through the log.  This allows for a smooth finish cut and does not exhaust the operator. Our bolt-on AUX oiler kits allows for oil to be injected at the bar tip for the cutting edge of the chain.  This prevents bar and chain heating and improves chain life as well as reduce the effort of milling.


Installation of the winch kit and Aux oiler are easily done in the field with the included scrench. 


This kit is recommended for the following setups. 


  • Under 60CC saws with 28" to 32" bars. 
  • -60CC to 70CC with 32" to 36" bars. 
  • 70 to 95CC with 36" to 52" bars. 



Made and Powedercoated in the USA with international Parts. 


36" Chainsaw Mill