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This 50" GB Titanium bar is a 140 drive link .063 .404 bar with the appropriate bar adapter for Husqvarna large mount saws.  


Titanium® ProTOP™ Professional Chainsaw Bars

Features and Benefits:
• One-piece Titanium alloy steel body
• Laser-cut for precision shape and fit
• Precision-ground grooves
• Hardest wearing rails in the world
• Increased flexibility in the bar body
• Easy nose replacement
• Nose side plates made of hardened Titanium alloy steel.
• During hardening, the nose side plates are injected with Carbon Nitride, which guarantees that Pro-Top™ is the hardest-wearing replaceable sprocket nose in the world
• Nose self-locks over a solid steel web on the bar body, held firmly together by three high-tensile rivets
• Super-tough, high-tech alloy sprocket glides on precision Swiss bearings

GB 50" Husqvarna .404 .063 140DL

SKU: HS50-63RQ

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