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  • Has the combination of all featured Markusson functions + more.

  • Patented micro sensor to detect left, right or skip sequence on chain.

  • Comes with air cooling, exhaust funnel, hose and led light on adjustable base.

  • Two speed depth gauge grinder and two wheel adjustable chain tensioner for short and long chains.

Sensomatic is our latest automatic chain grinder which is equipped with a sensor attached to the chain pusher. This means that you have all the sharpening features from Triplematic and in addition you can start the grinding anywhere on the chain without grinding the wrong cutter. All angles, depths and lengths can be adjusted according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and the speed is stepless.

New on Sensomatic is also the high speed option on the depth gauge grinder. The new stand has two supporting wheels in order to accomodate a wide variety of chain loops from ¼” to .404” as well as the North American favorite 3/8” Skip tooth. Sensomatic also includes exhaust pipe system, air cooling and a led light. A perfect choice for those who work with many chains pitches in a professional environment.

  • Equipped with a sensor that indicates left or right cutter and skip sequence. This function is optional and can be disabled.

  • 3in1 grinder. Sharpens the cutter, the gullet and the raker in one motion. Allows more chip space and increases cutting performance.

  • High and low speed option for depth gauge grinder.

  • Always includes digital counter, exhause pipe, air cooling kit, led light, machine stand and neumatic tensioner.

  • Two support wheels to accomodate also shorter chains.

  • Chain vise is adjustable to all sizes drive links.

  • Grinding angle is easy to adjust 0° – 35°

  • Can run on 12 volts (or 230 volt with included converter / PSU).

Tecomec Sensomatic Auto Sharpener


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