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  • Setup for left cutters (auto feed and sharpen), then set for right cutters (auto feed and sharpen)
  • Can be powered off a12v battery or simple power supply (120v to 12v) in the shop. 
  • Full Demo available at our pro shop! Easy to use! 
  • Tecomec RoboJolly RJ12 Professional "Sematic" Chainsaw Saw Chain Grinder. This is an all new 12V Tecomec semi-automatic chain grinder made in Sweden by MARKUSSON. The MARKUSSON company is owned by Tecomec and MARKUSSON has been making professional chain grinders for over 30-years.  This professional semi-automatic chain grinder is 12V with a rated power of 90W, the grinder will run all day using a standard 12V-75Ah car battery. The grinder features automated chain advancement and up/down movement of the grinding head. Easy to adjust grinding angles from 0° to 35° capable of sharpening ¼”, .325”, 3/8” low profile, and standard 3/8” pitch chains. The RoboJolly grinder is the entry level version of the Oregon model 720-120 that retails for $8,000! The grinder comes with (2) different size grinding wheels, battery cable, dressing stone, wheel template, operators’ manual and tools. 


  • 12V
  • 90W
  • 2800rpm
  • 21lbs
  • 15" X 11" X 11"


Please see the following link for a great video that shows you how this grinder works. Please make note that the video is for both the Tecomec model RoboJolly RJ12 and the model Tecomec Grindomatic grinder. The grinder we are offering is the RJ12.



Tecomec is the world's largest manufacturer of professional chainsaw saw chain grinders!


Tecomec is an Italian company established in 1985 and is located in the Reggio Emilla region, this area is renowned worldwide for its top in quality technology. Tecomec is a company of the Emak Group which, in turn, belongs to the Yama Group with over 30 companies affiliates and represents the biggest Italian group engaged in the design, production and sales of farming, gardening and forestry applications. 

Tecomec RoboJolly RJ12 Semi-Automatic Chain Grinder Sharpener


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