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  • This conveyer features the paddle belt upgrade! 
  • The TWC-12 is our smallest wood conveyor, with a 12’ long frame capable of operating as high as 8’ in the air and as low as 5’5”.
  • The firewood conveyor runs on a 4.9 HP Honda engine that is fuel efficient and exceptionally quiet, so you can run the conveyor anywhere, from the woods to the neighborhood.
  • Adjusting the height of the TWC-12 is simple with our hydraulic lift cylinder. Coupled with a tandem center spool valve, the hydraulic lift cylinder is controlled by the operator and can be adjusted numerous times to fit the needs of any project.
  • The log conveyor can be moved easily, as it has a travel height of 5’3” and a 2” ball hitch coupler for transportation. Perfect for larger operations with lots of space between projects.
  • The TWC-12 wood conveyor weighs 1,055 pounds, which, along with the ground skid, provides maximum stability for this model. The ground skid maintains contact with solid ground, which keeps the firewood conveyor sturdy while handling large loads. It also lifts the roller off the ground, which provides room for debris to fall.
  • The rubber belt fines deflector does much of the same with separating debris. It prevents debris from falling into the roller. These features result in a cleaner pile of offloaded firewood.
  • The modular hopper on the TWC-12 makes loading logs simple, as it can be filled directly with loader buckets because of its funnel-like shape. Constructed out of 3/16” High Steel plate steel on the bottom and 1/8” plate steel on the sides, the hopper is not only heavy-duty but also bolt-on, making removal and upgrades easy.
  • Belt tracking is a constant issue with many conveyors on the market. Because of the TWC-12 wood conveyor’s tapered rollers design, the belt will pull itself back towards the center if misaligned, even if the conveyor is on uneven ground.

Conveyer 12FT TW-12


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