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Professional Carlton Ripping Chain- Machine Riveted NOT hand riveted.  Our professionally machined rivets ensure a safe and proper chain link connection.  We put safety first and only sell our machine spun chain loops. 


3/8" pitch - .063 gauge - Custom Drive Link Lengths


Please select the number of links you need in your chain as the product quantity. For example if you need a 135 link chain, select quantity 135 at checkout. 


  • Carlton Professional Ripping chain is available for your sawmill setup.  We custom-make each loop of chain to fit your exact application. 
  • Semi-Chisel cutters with ripper tooth angles for flat, smooth sawmilling cuts. 

  • This is the chain to use with chainsaw mills for sawing slabs and boards, etc. Best milling chain on the market. Carlton is the manufacturer of most of the ripping chains.

  • Cutters are plated with hard industrial chrome which yields better edge-holding qualities than other types of plating.

  • Drive links, tie straps, and cutters are fabricated from nickel alloy steel which adds abrasive resistance in all types of climate.

  • Shot peened for increased tensile strength.

  • Injected at the rivet bearings with hypoid lubricant for longer chain life.

  • Use 7/32" round file for sharpening. Sharpen at 10 degrees.

3/8" - .063 Carlton Ripping Chain - Custom Made Loop


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