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New England Pines professional forestry products are engineered and tested to be strong, lightweight and highly functinonal. 


The T540XP climbing chainsaw spike is designed with a 6 to 12 inch inverse radius design.   This makes limbing and cutting while in a tree easy and safer. Designed with anti-gaff bottom spike to ensure safe drop on your lanyard attachment without risk of injury to your leg or feet as you flipline up the trunk. 


  • Designed to prevent gaffing into your rope, climbing harness or any equipment while mantaining excellent grip while cutting. 
  • Provides safe leash and harness clip on use while increasing operator control in the tree. 
  • 304 Stainless Steel powdercoated and laser etched. Forestry tough.
  • Bolt on installation utilizing the factory bolts
  • Prevents chainsaw case damage by keeping the case and muffler away from the log
  • Engineered to allow for proper pivoting without tripping the chainbreak.
  • Allows for proper placement on flat surfaces without damage to the surface.


Husqvarna T540XP Professional Climbing Spike


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