This is the strongest chainsaw mill on the market. Period.



  • Heavy USA Aluminum structure. Drill through NOT sliding design for stiffer a stiffer chassis. 
  • Magnetic Bar System: Now featuring our magnetic bar system to eliminate the bow from long bars. This easy system requires no blocks or adjustment to the log. Our magnetic upright pulls the bow out of the bar and once you start the cut you can move it out of the way. 


Designed for rigidity when using large and heavy milling bars such as Cannon Superbars over 50 inches long.


 Our 72" Mill allows for use of the largest powerheads, bars and even double power head setups. The mill features guides located at 48", 60" and 72" allowing for flexible bar setups based on the log you are milling.  Custom mounting locations can be accommodated for your setup, enabling multiple bar lengths to be used on one mill frame.


These are three times larger than our competitor mills. Engineered and built in Windsor CT with USA aluminum.

Since each mill is custom-built, we can brace and or design features into the mill that you request. We have incorporated water cooling systems on the powerhead side along with our winch kit system and aux oiler systems for some of our most demanding customers.


Each mill comes standard with our winch kit and Aux Oiler kit because let’s be honest...You are going to need it.


We have customers around the US that have set record milling with our 72" mill. Please contact us today to get yours today! 

72" Chainsaw Mill + Winch Kit+ Oiler Kit