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Tested in the world’s most rugged environments, the Husqvarna 572 XP® is ready for demanding work by forestry and tree care professionals. At just 14.5 lbs, the 572 XP® has a better power-to-weight ratio and 12% higher cutting capacity than previous Husqvarna models in the same class. Excellent cooling and heavy-duty filtration maximize reliability, while a smart design accommodates longer guide bars. Thanks to AutoTune™, Air Injection™ and low vibration technology, the 572 XP® empowers you to work all day. Get ready to cut faster, longer and better than ever with the 572 XP®.


  • Dimensions    

Weight (excl. cutting equipment)    14.5 lbs
Weight (excl. cutting equipment)    14.5 lbs / 6.6 kg
Handle type    Standard
Product size height    11.8 in
Product size width    9.5 in


  • Engine    

#Fuel tank volume    1.5 US pint
Air filter type    Felt HD
Cylinder displacement    4.3 cu.inch / 70.6 cm³
Cylinder displacement    4.3 cu.inch / 70.6 см³
Power output    5.8 hp
Power output    5.8 hp / 4.3 kW
Power/fuel type    Gasoline
Spark plug    Champion RCJ7Y


  • Equipment    

Recommended bar length, max    28 in
Recommended bar length, max    28 in / 70 cm
Recommended bar length, max    28 in / 71 cm
Recommended bar length, min    15 in
Recommended bar length, min    15 in / 38 cm


  • Lubricant    

Lubricant type    Husqvarna 2 stroke or equiv. at 50:1
Oil tank volume    0.7 US pint
Oil tank volume    0.7 US pint / 0.35 l


  • Sound and Noise    

Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)    120 dB(A)
Sound power level, measured    118 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear    107 dB(A)


  • Style and sizes    

Pitch    3/8"

572 XPG 24" 3/8 .050 Lightweight Bar Combo


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