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Carlton Semi-Chisel Crosscut chain A3EP-114E-3/8 pitch - .063 gauge-BOX


  • Carlton Professional Semi Chisel chain is available for your sawmill setup.  We custom-make each loop of chain to fit your exact application. 
  • Semi-Chisel cutters with aggressive tooth angles for cross cutting. 

  • Pair a set of semi-chisel crosscutting chain with your ripping chain so you never have to change your bar setup. 

  • Drive links, tie straps, and cutters are fabricated from nickel alloy steel which adds abrasive resistance in all types of climate.

  • Shot peened for increased tensile strength.

  • Injected at the rivet bearings with hypoid lubricant for longer chain life.


  • Use 7/32" round file for sharpening. For sharpening angles please see PDF. on this page. 

3/8, .063 114DL Carlton Semi-Chisel-Cross Cut Chain BOX

SKU: 3EP1143863SC

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